JCP Credit Card Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the JCP Credit Card Login:


JCP Credit Card Login Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Visit the JCP Credit Card Page at
  2. Just under the large red WELCOME box you'll find the User ID box.
  3. Enter your User ID into the box provided and click the red "secure login" button.



IF this did not help you to log into your JCP Credit Card account then we'll need to make sure we have the correct information. If you do not know your user ID or cannot find how to enter your password into the system, follow the next set of instructions.




JCP Credit Card Login User ID and Password Reset Instructions:

  1. If you do not know your User ID, click on the "lookup User ID" link below the red "secure login" button.
  2. Enter in your account number from your JCP credit card and click the gray next button.
  3. Now try logging in again.
  4. To protect your security, we ask for only your User ID to initiate access to your account. Then we show you the Personalized Image you selected before asking you to enter your Password. We do this to help prevent phishing, and to ensure your confidence that you have accessed the correct website for your account.


If this still does not log you into the JCP Credit Card system, please contact us so we can help you. Sometimes it's easier to have us walk you through the process instead. Choose from the following contact options.



JCP Credit Card Contact Information:


For questions relating to your account, please call our Customer Service department at 1-800-877-1342, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.                 

jcpenney rewards credit card P.O. Box 965009 Orlando, FL 32896-5009 You can access your account information online, including: account information online, including:

  • Payment Summary                        
  • Balance Summary                         
  • Transaction Information
  • Report a Payment                         
  • Request a Replacement Card                         
  • Request a Statement Copy                         
  • Dispute a Charge                         
  • Record your Privacy Preference
  • Make a Payment
  • Request a Credit Line Increase
  • Update Your Personal Account Information
  • Download Your Account Activity
Technical Help (back                         to top)
Browser Requirements  (back                         to top)
To login to the Online Credit Center, you need a browser which is SSL-compliant and has a "secure mode". When your browser is in secure mode, you will notice an unbroken key or lock at the bottom of the page.  
Compatible Browsers(back                         to top)
We recommend using Microsoft Explorer 5.5 or later. Your results may vary based on the operating system platform and the browser release you utilize.


Registration and Login Questions (back                         to top)
How do I sign-up for online credit services?  (back                         to top)
You may sign up for online credit services by clicking  Registration.                         You will be required to complete the online registration form before being granted access.
What information will I need to register for online account access? (back                         to top)
You will need the following information in order to register:   Your credit card  Last 4 digits of Social Security Number Email Address  Date of Birth


 Please check back here for more information on the JCP Credit Card Login process.